03 January 2007

Hot 2007

Semper ad eventum festinate et in medias res
Non secus ac notas audiorem rapit

Did you behave yourself on New Year’s Eve, gentle reader? I certainly didn’t.

But let us not spend another moment discussing what has passed; precious time has already been wasted in recovering. With so much to look forward to in 2007 – so much to do (a little trip to Italy, a little trip to Spain, and perhaps a little transatlantic trip… all the while checking out The View) so much to read (yes, even this) and so much to see (in particular The Golden Compass) who knows what pleasures the future may hold? Why, even if disappointed, we will have all the pleasure of expressing that to those around.

As for my bloguette, one advises all of my gentle readers to expect the unexpected. Certainly don’t call for a daily dose of frivolousness, for one is a person of deep reflection and my bloguette reflects that circumstance: one takes great pride in the fact that it is a little deeper than the average sewer. So if you want to be constantly amused and entertained in my company, expect to pay for that privilege in future- just like everyone else- or at least buy me a drink.

Certainly you will become more intimate with your favourite celebrity blogue hostess in the coming months, and one proposes to introduce a few more friends. Expect to discover Seven Weird Things, expect the vendetta with my nemesis La Cicada to continue… and one advises you all to keep a close eye on Mrs Bartolozzi, who turns up in the most unexpected places. Given the unprecedented success of my Christmas Quiz, expect more fun and games later in the year as we visit locations scattered around the world to play Name that Shag? In addition, expect further gripping instalments of Pride and Partiality, in addition to monthly broadcasts of Dynasty featuring a glamorous cast of superfluous characters randomly selected from my day-to-day life, while learning sundry facts about gay and not-so-gay Paris, and sundry facts about gay life, including how to miss out on having a fabulous boyfriend in a series entitled What Went Wrong.

Needless to say, one is always here for you, gentle reader… waiting to receive calling cards and other tokens of your attention.

For those of you in desperate need, please feel at liberty to email Agony Auntie Cuentin for a little direct-from-the-heart advice.

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