28 January 2007

A beautiful revolution

Love… that delightful interval between meeting an excessively handsome man and discovering that he is just another asshole. To fall in love, one has to be in the state of mind for it to take, as with any disease. One is no longer capable of doing what English soles and goldfish in the privacy of bowls do; even pekineses in the Ritz do it, apparently; not to mention Electric eels, though it shocks them I know.

Gentle reader, I may be incapable of love... but a little love-struck infatuation is not beyond me

Sadly heterosexual, one wonders how many beers it might take for a beautiful revolution?

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andre said...

ha ha ha ha ...

[am dead butch me]

Ms C Qrisp said...

Dear Andre,
Please do not leave Calling Cards with words like 'ha ha ha ha' upon my bloguette. When one is in a state of infatuation, even something so apparently innocent is capable of being completely mis-interpreted.

Eg. Is Andre laughing with me or at me? Or is Andre laughing because he too is in love? Can those words be an expression of interest? Is that interest of a sexual or a non-sexual nature? Read in reverse, 'ha ha ha ha' becomes 'Ah ah ah ah' which might be what one cries in a moment of passion... or despair. Or perhaps 'ha ha ha ha' is an anagram? Were you an 'A-ha' fan too?

Alas, another night spent, tossing and turning. Be gentle and kind to me, Andre: best ignore me in future. I will misinterpret that too, of course.

But if I can be of any assistance, for example in providinging sexual favours to members of the judging panel for the 2007 weblogue awards, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Gracious and genuine thanks for visiting my humble bloguette. It has been a pleasure and an honour and a... I will stop right there.

Ms C Quisp

andre said...

I was laughing with you. Not at you.

Ms C Qrisp said...

You laughed, all because of me... nothing else will ever matter