11 January 2007

Christian Hatred 3 - the Dark Side strikes back

I've been training Sith apprentices all my life, but nobody ever thanks me for that. They're always complaining about me. They should be grateful! Without me, the Light Side of the Force would be far too strong. Terrible! Long live the Dark Side of the Force!!

In this day and age, one feels an immense fatigue whenever the concept equality is mentioned: you have women, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and so on, all demanding to be treated as equals… so Christians are just one more voice in a complaint ridden world.

Last year in the United Kingdom, when the Equality Act gave full legal protection against discrimination to people of faith, I kept my own feelings on the subject to myself, because I do have a certain respect for faith, even though it is doubt that gives you an education. But it would appear that Christians, having obtained full legal protection against discrimination for themselves, are determined to withhold it from people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

To hear them protesting, one would think these Regulations required them to participate in a mandatory same-sex activity themselves, or obliged them to watch us, when in fact all that the Regulations protect are the same freedoms they already enjoy; to act as our conscience dictates while being treated by the rest of society with respect.

Why, the audacity and the hypocrisy! From this point on, gentle reader, the gloves are off…

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