24 January 2007

A Burns Day Celebratory Surprise

Gentle reader, Burns Day is one of my favourite annual celebrations. Not that one has ever needed any particular reason to raise a glass of finest malt whiskey, or indeed to raise a Scotman's kilt... nevertheless, I consider it healthy to be reminded of these two not-so-subtle pleasures, at least on a yearly basis.

It may surprise you to read that despite vege-aquarian tendancies, I am rather fond of haggis... but life is full of little surprises! Don't you think? Speaking of which, wouldn't it be a surprise if, having resisted your email pleas to place my own image on this bloguette for general perusal, one should decide on a whim to do so? That would be something to make your day memorable, wouldn't it?

Obviously, this image would not appear in an obvious place, to lure those with a superficial interest in my attractions... it would be hidden away in a safe place, accessible only to those who clicked on the magic word. Do not expect it to remain for longer than 24 hours, of course! For you see, it is very important to remember and celebrate only particular dates in the year, gentle reader.... I always mark them down.

While it may seem a little unfair to do this without advance notice, it does seem quite fair to reward those making a pilgrimage to my humble bloguette on an almost daily basis... New York, Greenville, Vancouver, Newbury... we know who you are! It is so much nicer having an idea who you're conversing with, don't you think? That's what Calling Cards are for!

Oh, by the way, you'll have to go back more than 24 hours to find it, but it would be cruel of me to expect you to search postings before the start of this year... work back slowly and carefully, date by date.

Happy Haggis Hunting!

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