08 November 2006


For the intellectually impaired, a visual frame of reference to help follow the frothy frivilousness to come

I : moi

Let there be no mistake as to who is the central character in this frictional drama: all the best lines, all the best frocks, all the best frolics... belong to me

Adjectives like manipulative unscrupulous and conniving may be liberally applied

G & D : having known G more than 12 years- without the exchange of bodily fluids- I was among those to celebrate his PACS with the divine D

They're still blissfully happy after 7 happy, happy
(yawn) happy years together

... yes, one of those relationships

T : handsome, sweet, intelligent, funny, well-educated, hygenic, all his own limbs ... if I picked someone with boyfriend potential out of a catalogue, he'd have been delivered

yet there's no spark on either side... just another good friend

C : the straight female, essential to the cast of any fabulous gay sitcom.

this role will be filled by no less than two femmes fatales: please suspend all disbelief and disregard any inconsistencies in speech, behaviour or appearance.

I reserves the right to have this character shagged by chauffeurs, struck by speeding vehicles, develop amnesia and be abducted by extraterrestrials

P : a debonaire Frenchman that shared my bed on more than one memorable occasion

... proving that fact is truly stranger than fiction

X : hmmn, he is a dish, isn't he?

sigh... it's my Spanish ex

J : my tart with a heart, J was in a not-so-happy monogamous relationship for five years, ending quite spectacularly this spring

... ever since which he's been making up for lost time.

For more information, click 1

M : yes, I do realise there was no crazy Australian member of the original cast, but it proved impossible to keep her out of mischief. For more information, click 1

F: Probably the most intelligent member of the cast. For more information, click 1

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