26 January 2007

A little irony adds a pinch of spice to every dish

I do hope all of my gentle readers enjoyed my little Burns Day treat?

One of us certainly did!

It was a source of great pleasure and delight to finally provoke a reaction from a gentleman who emailed because he finds that ‘there is nothing of interest whatsoever on this stupid blog(ue)… superficial, self-absorbed, badly written… content worthy of Madonna.”

Needless to say, that last remark is upon the verge of impudence: to suggest similarity with La Cicada is almost to imply jealousy might explain my intense hatred of the creature!

Why, she is a wench without any redeeming talent, unless you consider her ability to give a blow job as demonstrated in her ‘art-house film’ to be talent: she has an objectionably exaggerated sense of her own self importance, believing that the entire universe remains interested in everything about her, from what passes out through her anus to her religious zealotry. And what has she ever delivered? Nothing of any substance; nothing that hasn’t been done better by someone else… it’s all dull, tawdry and repetitive self-promotion, without ever doing or saying anything; it’s as if she’s not really trying, simply having a laugh… In short, no similarities whatsoever!

Do not concern yourself, gentle reader; one is not in the slightest bit offended by the above remarks; it would take a team of sledgehammer-wielding lumberjacks to damage my ego.

Nor shall that reader be banished to the blog of the damned… not at all! Why, at last, this is exactly the kind of considered response I hoped for!

For I recognise irony when I see it!

Obviously this reader has seen my photograph and- let us give him credit for great cunning- realised that the only way to win my affections if to offer the kind of love/hate relationship I have been searching for all my life!

Ah, gentle reader… the joys of having my own bloguette!

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