11 December 2006

Superpositif, Le Tango, 3-12-06

Best things about Superpositif? The crowd, baked goods and a good cause.

Few gay venues offer indie music, so there is goodwill from the loyal followers who come out whenever they do, not to mention several months of pent-up frustration. Like everyone else, I was willing to give the DJ leeway, but he seemed hell-belt on picking the most obscure and undancable B-side indie tracks in his collection, spending more time outside his booth enjoying a little boogie of his own than feeling the vibe from the crowd. When the biggest crowd-pleaser at an indie night is a remix of Kylie Minogue ‘Can’t get you out of my head’ (and not even the New Order ‘Blue Monday’ or the Run DMC version) you know something is seriously wrong.

Plenty of scope for bad dancing- at which French men excel- so I can’t say it was a wasted evening, but it would’ve felt good to be excited by the music at least once. With such uninspiring material, I danced worse than anyone, working up an appetite for cakes, tartes and other homo-baked goodies being sold to fundraise for a HIV charity: first time I’ve ever seen gay men queuing to wash sticky fingers before using the toilet, for whatever purpose.

To finish the evening, Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush with ‘Don’t give up’… perfectly appropriate for those of us still hanging around at the bitter end…. until they’d auctioned off the last hot buns.

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