16 December 2006


My new toy delivers such ever-increasing self-pleasure that I may well have to invest in a year’s subscription. One is particularly thrilled at the sight of so many international flags on display, after many years describing oneself as the equivalent of a UN Ambassador, ready to welcome men of every nationality and colour with open arms and good… will. But who could have imagined that my schemes for global blog-domination would be so successful, extending to all corners of the world so rapidly?

Last night, unable to sleep, I realised that if all of my past gentlemen callers from around the world had somehow managed to keep tabs on me over the years, it might well explain… You can imagine how my heart skipped a beat, gentle reader, so immediately I ran to a map kept on the wall behind the bed, pricked every time that a gentleman caller from an exotic location has been entertained... But no, I quickly realised that one has never entertained gentlemen from Korea, South Africa, or (oddly) Italy... and I certainly haven’t diddled with that many Americans.

In short, this flurry of online activity can only be attributed to the fabulousness of my bloguette and the playful fingers of chance that have pointed gentle readers in my direction.

For those of you departing upon arrival, let me bid you adieu. For those of you returning, allow me to compliment you… upon having such good bad taste.

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