25 December 2006

Google 'Bored' and 'Christmas'

How was your Christmas Day, gentle reader? Surely I do not need to tell you that my own was quite fabulous! Let me assure you that one kept oneself quite perfectly… amused! (Although I was not, like one of my acquaintances, privately entertaining a 21 year old with amiable qualities; but that’s what one expects from dear, dear J: it’s all give, give, give... throughout the year!)

At times like these, my heart does reach out to those of you with absolutely nothing better to do except read my humble bloguette! How I wept upon learning that one fabulous caller, googling the words 'bored' and 'Christmas Eve', was directed here!

So with great compassion, for those of you bored on St Stephens Day, or bored on Boxing Day, or just simply bored with life... I offer you a little further something; yes, another part of my seasonal piece re-titled A Gay Christmas Carol

Apologies, for one appreciates that legions of you remain impatient for the next gripping instalment of Pride and Partiality: please bear in mind that you will have plenty of time to look forward to further chapters from my masterpiece. Early in the New Year, one also hopes to be ready for the first transmission of Dynasty… yes, gentle reader; as expected, there will be a perfect abundance of follies and nonsense heading your way… not just at Christmas, but throughout the year ahead!

Every reason to celebrate, don’t you think?

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