18 December 2006

Public notice... for Italian men

Please do not blatantly and overtly cruise other gentlemen in public, when you are out for a romantic walk with a wife/girlfriend hanging off your arm. In particular, do not engage in this if you are excessively handsome.

This activity shows an appalling lack of consideration… towards them as well. They may be distract-able enough to believe your charmingly-pronounced words are honest and sincere, but they’re not so damn stupid that they don’t notice such shocking rudeness… however flattering to the stranger concerned.

While there are public places where this behaviour is acceptable, my understanding is that it occurs after dark, and it is traditional not to take your wife/girlfriend.

It certainly is not allowed in the Jardins de Luxembourg, where a certain fabulously single gay gentleman goes for his morning run, only to find himself left in quite an excessively distracted state for the remainder of the day.

Thank you. Yes, I am quite finished. Run along now, go back to Mamma.

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