24 December 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, gentle readers!

What joy it brings to greet you on this holiest of holey days... knowing that scattered around the world are like-minded individuals- delightfully deranged as I am- staring at a computer monitor and blinking in disbelief at the words I have written! Please don't forget to leave a calling card today: even an anonymous card will do, simply a little 'Merry Christmas' in your own preferred language (remembering that I speak fluent Gaelic, English, Spanish and French if you want to utter anything a little more meaningless!)

Have you all come to find out who is going to emerge in top position after our little Christmas Quiz? Surely you realised from the outset that given what this bloguette is all about- me, me, me- that there could only ever be one winner. For when it comes to playing little games, the only person allowed to succeed is ever going to be... yes, you guessed it! I knew you would, gentle readers! You're so fabulous!

And how I am winning, gentle reader! Everyone knows that gay gentlemen- and callers who do not leave calling cards- lie; but my little NeoCounter never does. Approaching 1,000 visitors from all around the world, in less than ten days! Why, whenever one imagines those frantic little ‘click-click-clicking’ sounds leading another accidental callers to stare in bewilderment at my humble bloguette… why, it sets my heart racing, until my blood corpuscles are quite… puscled!

So there is to be no other winner. But since I am gracious and generous, here's a little prize to amuse you all. Click here to see what a loyal reader sent in (unfortunately I haven't been able to listen myself)

In addition, you can read every word of this beautifully original Christmas story that I've written for the local children. It's a Dicken-sin-ian adaptation of that timeless classic A Christmas Carol, and after much deliberation I've decided to call it A Gay Christmas Carol... shiny and new, don't you think?


postacademic said...

Thank you for the little Christmas "miracle" that is your Scrooge story. I found you by googling blogs for "bored" and "Christmas eve."

Ms C Qrisp said...

Gracious thanks for visiting my blog, and for making my Christmas special with your comment.

To find my hard work on A Gay Christmas Carol appreciated; 'miracle' is a perfectly appropriate term!

I do hope you are not disappointed to learn that further installments will be posted over the coming days, and it's downhill all the way!

Kind regards

Ms C Quisp