07 December 2006

Listening Post

When one has nothing better to do, one has been known to browse at a music store, occasionally attending a live concert. It is important to keep in touch with what interests the general public. And so this afternoon, I sampled the goods on offer at FNAC.

The Beatles Love – on first listen really good, but expect that is novelty value that comes upon finding freshness in songs that you know back to front. Since I already have all of the originals and haven’t listened to them in more than ten years, unlikely to get much airplay.

Jarvis Cocker – a debut solo album that sounds as I expected it would; laboriously well-written, with tunes that are seamlessly put together but lacking in a magical something that enables you to feel. Nothing cheerful about it… I got about 3/4 way through before I lost interest.

Jamiroquai Greatest Hits – never bought one of his albums, never will, however he has been know to tempt me out on a dance floor. Skipping through this, I was astonished by how his over-produced sound hasn’t changed in fifteen years. Within seconds of walking away, all of the melodies I listened had melted in my head, or were they all exactly the same to begin with?

Aimee Mann One more drifter in the snow–I’ve forgiven her ‘Lost in Space’ but that doesn’t mean I’m prepared to hand over good money for an album of Christmas songs guaranteed to ensure that one feels completely miserable over the holidays. Until I find this in a bargain bin- shouldn’t have to wait long- I won’t be buying a copy.

Joanna Newsom Ys – Even with my penchant for whiney bitch singers like (at one time, early) Tori Amos and Kate Bush, this is simply un-listenable.

Gwen Stefani The Great Escape – oh, dear, dear, dear. Last time around, the problem was an album with a couple of stand-out tracks and filler: this time around, the album as a whole is listenable, but where are the standout tracks? No doubt zany yodelling references from ‘The Sound of Music’ Lonely Goatherd is intended to woo gay fans, but I struggle to believe ‘Wind it up’ is going to make the dance floor tick-tock.

Sufjan Stevens Songs for Christmas – snatched this off the shelf for the packaging, meaning his portrait on the rear (considering getting myself a tattoo like that for Christmas) It appears that no other potential customers wanted to hear songs performed by the only man I’d convert to Christianity for, so I didn’t get a chance to listen to this. But if there is one thing sadder than buying a boxed set of B-side songs for grandmother, it’s listening to it alone this Christmas: tempted though I am, this can definitely wait for the sales.

Justin Timberlake FutureSex/LoveSounds – checked this out last month, but wanted to be sure that it wasn’t containing tunes likely to grow on me, in the same way that his single has. It definitely doesn’t…

Quite a lot of gigs to tempt me, some of which I’m not ashamed to admit- Clap Your Hands Yeah Yeah, The Killers, Scissor Sisters- while others -Lily Allen, Razorlight- I am. Nothing I’m tempted enough to delve into my pocket for.

Quite startled to see that O.M.D. on tour… shudder at the thought of that live gig- 80s synth performed by two men in their 50s

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Nil, nada, rien.

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