20 December 2006

Emails embarrassing to myself

Imagine my surprise, upon opening my inbox earlier this week, to find an email… from myself.

It seems that X has been missing my regular email attentions ever since I began playing with my bloguette, to the extent that he has started to re-read my old emails. Yes, gentle reader, he has actually kept everything I’ve ever written… presumably in the hope of undermining my credibility should we ever ended up in a court of law accused of… let’s not to into that; after all, it is Christmas. If it does end up in court, I have complete faith in the age-old tradition of trial by jury- twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer- and I will of course instruct my lawyer to attack the medical evidence: after all, most juries are full of rheumatism and arthritis and shocking gastric troubles; they love to see a medical man put through it

But I digress! This tendency to horde incriminating items was one of many reasons why our relationship simply had to end. As I mention, he forwarded an innocuous and harmless email this week, presumably to mortify and embarrass me. When I re-read this- written in the first flush of love presumably, when I was trying to convince X that I had a sweet caring nature, using hideously simplistic English (because of his own deficiencies, given his Spanish origin) that actually makes it all sound convincingly sincere- I felt quite nauseous, let me assure you, and I had to lie down without fanning for several hours.

I dare say it will affect some of you in the same way.

From: X

To: Ms C Quisp

Subject: ..........3
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 17:25:14 +0000

I was on Sauchiehall Street and passed three guys- two with guitars, all three singing (the word in English is 'busking' - performing music on the street) They were really good, but I passed them and went into a shop. When I returned along the street, they were still there, now only the two guys with guitars and singing a song I really like. So I sat down to listen.

Everyone on the street smiled at them, people stopped, everyone gave them money. They both played guitar very well, their singing voices good but nothing so special, and they were nothing special to look at- one guy was short and fat, but a very sexy voice! the other guy was younger and slim, better looking; both had the smile... yet together, the magic was strong. And they loved the music they performed; mostly songs everyone would know the words to, but they added their
own flavour to the melody each time, and they understood how to do that. X, these men were lucky.

While I watched, someone sat down on the bench behind me. I didn't turn around at first, but I could hear the person crying a lot, so I did. It was a young black
girl, maybe 9 years old. She turned away from me, and I wasn't sure what to do (embarrassed, uncomfortable) so I looked back to the musicians and said nothing. A few minutes passed and she was still crying, so I tried to catch her eye and asked if she was ok. She nodded. Then I said that if she wanted to talk, to say so.

I didn't say anything much to her afterwards. She stopped crying for a bit and listened to the music, then she cried again for five minutes. But we sat together for about half an hour. I asked her once if she liked the music, and she nodded.

Suddenly, she got up and said something to me... I didn't catch it, but her voice was very beautiful (a child's voice) and she walked away. So, I know nothing more.

But the music made her stop thinking about whatever it was that upset her, even just for a moment. Amazing, eh?

Ok, now you're thinking "what is that stupid man talking about"... and I don't know. But I feel as if I have had a very exciting day, with a lot happening, and I feel really good about it.

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