12 February 2007

Wrong-Eyed Jesus

Way down south, I know a girl who is blind
She walks alone along a lonely highway each day
She dreams that one day a man will pull up in a car
He’ll open up the door, she’ll climb in, and he will say:
“Hey babe, whatcha know? I hope you’re ready to go,
cause today’s a perfect day to chase tornados.”

What about that preacher man on the run from the law?
He killed a girl in Memphis and ran ’till the dogs tracked him down
They shot him by the river and as he lay dying in the mud, someone asked him;
"Hey Preacher, where’s your soul going now?"

And Preacher said;
“Well, I do not know, but wherever it is I’ll gladly go,

because today’s a perfect day to chase tornados.”

Sometimes, I think that the sky is a prison and the earth is a grave.
Sometimes I feel like Jesus, in some Chinese opera.
Sometimes, I’m glad I built my mansion from crazy little stones.
But sometimes I feel so goddamned trapped by everything that I know
And I wish it wasn’t so
because the only thing that anyone should ever know

is that today’s a perfect day to chase tornados

Yeah, when the wild wind whips around your head you know,
that you have found a perfect day to chase tornados

A Perfect Day to Chase Tornados, Jim White, 1995


postacademic said...

Oh, and speaking of unrequited love? If you look up unrequited love on my "blogue", I do believe you will find diary entries from me c. 1988 detailing my love for the man who would become Jim White. I know he's a celebrity now, and I know I have to let him go. I'm a very sensible girl, but I've had an unrequited crush on Jim White for 20 damn years now.

Ms C Qrisp said...

You have quite delighted me with this renewed flurry of calling card activity!

One has duly checked upon your blogue: for the record, one wouldn't quite describe what you've shared as detailing, or Mr J White as a celebrity! But certainly one appreciates that we're on the same page, so to speak.

As it happens, there was an offchance reference in one of your own postings to a 1980s group, which made me smile... as I had slept in the house of the lead singer. One will leave the sensational and suggestive titbit here, and post ALL the details on your own blogue.

One trusts that you have enabled comment notification? If you have any trouble locating, please let me know!

Ms C Qrisp said...

For some reason, neither 'Jim White' nor 'unrequited love' led me to the relevant postings... so having read, one takes back part of that last remark about not having detailed!