05 February 2007

Joni Mitchell Tribute Album

"Free Man in Paris," Sufjan Stevens
"Boho Dance," Bjork
"Dreamland," Caetano Veloso
"Don't Interrupt the Sorrow," Brad Mehldau
"For the Roses," Cassandra Wilson
"A Case of U," Prince
"Blue," Sarah McLachlan
"Ladies of the Canyon," Annie Lennox
"Magdalena Laundries," Emmylou Harris
"Edith and the Kingpin," Elvis Costello
"Help Me," k.d. lang
"River," James Taylor

Track listing for the upcoming Joni Mitchell tribute album, gentle reader... one is quite incandescent with delight! To have Sufjan Stevens, singing a melody written by one of my Icons... about a Free Man in Paris! Why, it's clearly a coded message to moi:

"I was a free man in Paris: I felt unfettered and alive... If l had my way,
I'd just walk through those doors and wander down the Champs Elysees,
going cafe to cabaret, thinking how I'll feel when I find that very good friend of mine...
You know, I'd go back there tomorrow,but for the work I've taken on
stoking the star maker machinery behind the popular song"

What can one say to that?

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