14 February 2007

A reason to visit INLAND EMPIRE

One will provide several reasons to consider, in due course
But for now, Mr Justin Theroux... another reason to visit INLAND EMPIRE

Needless to say, it is Mr Theroux's abilities
as an actor that one recognises and admires;
why, one hardly fluttered an eyelid when he appeared in Mulholland Drive, and it certainly takes more than the macho sexed-up cameo in this film to impress... and one is duly impressed

Do not feel concerned, gentle reader:
in the past, one has been accused of suffering attention deficit disorder when it comes to infatuation with gentlemen... this infatuation will not last


postacademic said...

Hello. WE are so on the same page. I just saw Inland Empire with a long term unrequited crush, who hated it. I said it would be better if there were more Justin Theroux in it. Later that night, I confessed my crush and was duly spurned. Spurned, I say. Now I doubly wish that there were more Justin Theroux for me.

Ms C Qrisp said...

Gracious, a difficult and challenging film for a date, it must be said!

Despite the crushing aftermath (sympathies) one trusts you were intrigued by more than Mr Justin Theroux's role in INLAND EMPIRE?

Oddly, one suspects that Mr D Lynch intended his audience to feel acute awareness of Mr Theroux's absence... one proposes to bore all of my gentle readers quite senseless with postings containing one's thoughts and a detailed analysis of certain scenes of this film... a reason not to read for the coming weeks!

In the meantime, on the subject of developing crushes... an unhealthy habit, best broken, involving cruelty to self, if need be.

Sympathies, most sincerely,

Ms C Quisp