21 February 2007

Slan go foill

Those of you paying attention will recall that one returns to Ireland tomorrow morning, so it is time for us to part!

One imagines this is distressing for you, gentle reader… but do imagine how much more distressing it is for me! Please try to amuse yourselves in my absence, but not so much that you don’t miss me most dreadfully… a deluge of Calling Cards to that effect will be expected upon my return.

One does welcome the opportunity of catching up with friends, particularly my best friend, who is struggling to adjust her habits to acommodate full-time child-raising. This is quite understandable: except for under the most adverse circumstances - such as homelessness, unsafe living conditions or lack of spouse and child care - it was not meant to be a full-time activity. Until the middle of the last century, no developed culture on earth had ever deployed one woman per child without simultaneously assigning her such major productive activities as weaving, farming, gathering, temple maintenance and tent building. The reason is that full-time, one-on-one child raising is not good for women… or children. Home life is no more natural than a cage is natural to a cockatoo.

Recognising her need to escape from what must be an ordeal, one proposes to distract her with champagne and social outings… yes, of course we’ll bring the child, for one is quite looking forward to bonding; one might even change a diaper.

In tribute to all those who endeavour to remain sane while working full-time in the home, one presents a selection of carefully chosen tracks, providing a soundtrack for a day of the working week… known as the Desperate Housewives Collection.

Please enjoy!


JoyZeeBoy said...

May you be of use to your childbound friend.

I have no doubt that changing a few nappies will prove to be a highly educational experience for you.

Oh, yes, and do try to have fun!

Ms C Qrisp said...

Escaped without changing a nappy (they didn't smell quite so bad as expected, but everything was a rather alarming yellow, surprisingly smooth textured... quite repulsive)

Plenty of fun, however; since that was what my friend lacked, no doubt it was useful, in a manner of speaking!

Gracious thanks for enquiring!