21 February 2007

Trapped in a box

  1. Introduction – Queen of the Crime Council
  2. Ode to Oren Ishii by Vince Tempera & Orchestra
  3. Trapped in a box by No Doubt
  4. Long time woman by Pam Grier
  5. A chicken with its head cut off by The Magnetic Fields
  6. Cvalda by Bjork
  7. S. O. S. by ABBA
  8. Tu Mira by Manuel Lole
  9. Kiss me like you mean it by The Magnetic Fields
  10. She wants to marry by The Beverley Sisters
  11. You’re with stupid now by Aimee Mann
  12. Woo Hoo by The’s
  13. You’re so bad by Tom Petty
  14. Love Resurrection by Alison Moyet
  15. Bedtime Stories by Madonna
  16. Stabbed in the heart by Jim White
  17. Time enough for rocking when we’re old by The Magnetic Fields
  18. Smile by Lily Allen
  19. Super Trooper by ABBA
  20. In the musicals by Bjork
  21. Bang Bang (My baby shot me down) by Nancy Sinatra
  22. Sunday morning by No Doubt
  23. Heaven of my heart by Jim White
  24. Green hornet by Al Hirt

Sappy pathetic little me, sick and tired of everything, head in the oven, but wicked like Medusa and with crazy killers that would slice right through you: no wish but to cut your day short like the winter solstice, darling, but I’ve been trapped in a box of tremendous size and it distorts my vision and closes my eyes. I’ve never been on my own this way, just sat by myself all day; I’d trade places with you any day. My sister got lucky, she married a yuppie and took him for all he was worth. All I do is sleep and sleep and sing in a world gone mad. Where are those happy days? They seem so hard to find. Been locked away so long I’ve forgotten my crime. Don’t know what time of day or what colour of clothes I’m wearing: I cannot decipher this arithmetic, and there ain’t nobody around to please; got unnatural feelings like a bad disease. My mind rides and slides as my circuits are fried. When I feel this way, I think I’m going crazy, so what can I do to make light of this dull, dull day? What switch can I pull to illuminate the way? Reality gone with a single click; I just hope that the switch won’t stick. I know I’m not alone; I know others with a box as their home, but I don’t know how to manufacture sturdy bones with a hairline fracture; a warm injection is all I need to calm the pain. Lets get unconscious, leave logic and reason to the arms of unconsciousness. Yes, I found a light in the tunnel at the end: this is a musical, and there’s always someone to catch me if I fall. For the longest time I’ve sat here trying to remember why do I love him so much? What kind of magic is this? How come I can’t help adore him? Why I’m floating… then the memory returns as the pain comes flooding. Still trapped in a box, with no room for thought: watch the world as it flocks to life’s paradox. This is not enough for a human to grow, so today is the last day that I’m using words, because they are useless, especially sentences: they don’t stand for anything. They’ve worn out, lost their meaning, and don’t function anymore; how can I explain how I feel? Trapped in a box, my life becomes void: all I thought for myself is now destroyed. Controlling my mind, what to eat, what to buy: subliminal rules, how to live, how to die. So imagine I was glad to hear you’re coming: suddenly I feel alright; when you’re near me, darling, can you save me, S.O.S! Why, he is my Lord, he is my Saviour, and he rewards my good behaviour. He is my light and my salvation; he’s always right, he’s always patient. It’s going to be so different when I’m on the stage tonight. Eligible, not too stupid: knowledgeable, but not always right; salvageable and free for the night. I pinch myself; it’s like I’m dreaming. There’ll be time enough for talk in the nursing home, darling; time enough to write an epic poem, and we can rock all day in rocking chairs of gold. There’ll be time enough for sex and drugs in heaven, when our pheromones are tuned up to eleven; tonight, we don’t have to be stars exploding in the night or electric eels under the covers; I think I’d rather just go dancing. All that you’ve ever learned, try to forget. I’ll never explain again.

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