01 April 2007

Primera Delmes

April is the cruelest month; mixing memory with desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain, and all of that... hence a perfectly appropriate time for my return, don't you think?

Undoubtedly all of my loyal readers have been bewildered by my absence over the last weeks, keenly anticipating an account of my sejourn in the bleak miserable nether-regions of the Emerald Isle, not to mention my jaunt around northern Italy, followed by a road trip with my beloved X... all in due course; suffice to say that one has several stories to prepare and share!

But in the meantime, one understands that it is customary to mark the first day of this particular month with a little anecdote to which the reader must apply his or her limited intelligence, in order to discern what is Fact and what is Fiction... and far be it from me to disregard such an honourable tradition.

So, gentle reader, consider the following:

Might there be extenuating circumstances for my delay in returning to the bloguette?

Is it possible that in addition to holidaying, one has moved from a fabulous penthouse apartment to another fabulous home in another European country?

What possible reasons could there be for such upheaval: is it possible that Paris has gone out of fashion, or that one tired of the most beautiful city in the world, or perhaps one decided to change location simply because one could?

If you come to the conclusion there must be an element of fact to the above, it is inevitable that you will ask where one has moved to? It will be obvious to anyone who has glanced at these pages that it would be a city and that one would not have left Europe... and most certainly would not have returned to Ireland.

Bearing in mind that one's bloguette is a reflection of one's character, and that one is a single gay gentleman who enjoys social intercourse, a discerning reader might reasonably conclude that one would only sejourn to a country where French, Spanish or English were spoken: it would be safe to assume that not having lived in an English-speaking country for several years might make Britain a tempting option...

To conclude, one suggests a moment's pause to consider why one refused to clarify the position. If a combination of profession and location jeopardised one's anonymity when mingling with other members of the gay league. with an excruciatingly high risk of being associated and identified with my humble bloguette, surely the most sensible course would be to conceal my present residence and pretend that one continued to be located in Paris, n'est-ce pas?

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