02 April 2007

Going Underground

If only one lived in London
with a choice of joining CastOff for their knitting sessions
on the District and Circle Underground Line
or London Bitch and Stitch

One might learn how to make a fabulous hat to accessorise
with a delightful skull and crossbones sweater that one bought in Zara


Cap'n Dyke said...

First, Me Darlin' Ms. Qrisp, I must be sayin' how delighted I be that ye made it home safely; second, I must thank ye for sendin' ye gentle readers o'er t' th'ship t'join me in me adventures; third, I simply must see ye in that 'delightful skull and crossbones' sweater; fourth, Th' Cap'n missed ye horribly; fifth, iffin ye need a bodyguard on yer adventures about th'globe, I'll be right here.

Ms C Qrisp said...

Dearest Cap'n Dyke,
Firstly, gracious thanks for your welcoming words; secondly, one must remark that my legions of devoted readers ought to be sending gracious thanks to your good self for the pleasure of your company; thirdly, one will endeavour to commission a portrait of oneself in my favourite handknit sweater, which sets off my sea-green eyes quite beautifully; fourthly, one imagined that you would suffer horribly in my absence, but we all know how lesbian pirates like that sort of thing; and fifthly... well, one is almost at a loss for words, quite frankly... but not quite, of course!

Cap'n Dyke said...

Me Darlin' Ms. Qrisp, I would n'er expect ye t'be at a loss for words - indeed, I would gamble on th'hope that malady will n'er hit ye sweet tongue.

P.S. I just knew yer eyes were sea-green. Thy portrait shall hang o'er me own bower when I be at rest.

Ms C Qrisp said...

In response to which, one has nothing whatsoever to say... although as always, one insists upon having the last word.